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Music for Clarinet and Piano

Are you looking for new clarinet music, you sure will find it here! Everyday we add new quality sheet music, available for immediate download on this site. On this page you will find music for clarinet and piano.

We check every new publication thoroughly before making it available to the public. We give you an indication of the difficulty and of course you get a (partial) preview!

If you have any suggestions, being a clarinet player or a music publisher, just mail us. If you want to add your sheet music or your publications to our catalogue, again: just mail us! We will look into it, and answer you as soon as possible.

Of course you can download your selected sheet music here within seconds. Don't wait for weeks until your music arrives ... download it here and start enjoying it now!

To download the music, just click on the icon "Add to Cart". You can repeat this for as many pieces as you like. If you are done, click on the button "View Cart" to check the content of your shopping cart. Payment with your credit card is safe and easy on our encrypted servers. After that you can start right away with your chosen sheet music!

When you click on the "title" of each piece, a new window opens with the first page of the sheet music in PDF-format (Acrobat Reader). If you don't have this software installed on your computer, just click here. It's free. Of course you can freely download all the examples of these pieces for clarinet and piano.


Title Composer



8 Miniatures Frank Houwen  $ 11.99
A Ward Steven Mintjens  $ 9.65
Air for Katrien Freddy Van Laer  $ 9.65
Andante Erwin Scheltjens  $ 6.65
Ariette Ernest Maes  $ 6.65
Blue Moon Erwin Scheltjens  $ 6.65
Bye-Bye Spring Leo Thys $ 9.65  
Cache-cache menuet Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 6.65
Centaur George Luyten $ 8.50
Clarinettango Leo Thys $ 9.65
Concert Piece Ernest Maes  $ 9.65
Contradiction Leo Thys $ 9.65
Deep blue Ocean Erwin Scheltjens  $ 9.65
Dixieland Story Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 8.45
Eleganza Leo Thys $ 9.65
Elegie Hector De Jonghe  $ 6.65
En regardant la mer Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 6.65
Enjyn Harald Waldukat  $ 8.45
Fantasie Gilbert Schyvens  $ 9.65
Four plus Five Steven Mintjens  $ 9.65
Habanera Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 6.65
Imagination Emmanuel Gevers  $ 8.45
Inasible Harald Waldukat  $ 6.65
Jan, mijne man Jan M.C. Geuns    
La Complainte d'Arlequin Claudy Frederic  $ 9.65
La Danse des Rois Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 6.65
Largo Georg F. Haendel/Hemeryck $ 5,45  
Lentemorgen Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 6.65
Lilliput Parade Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 6.65
Little Fantasy Ludo Hulshagen  $ 6.65
Memories Harald Waldukat  $ 9.65
Mini Menuet Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 6.65
Nocturne Stefan Meylaers  $ 6.65
Nostalgia Leo Thys $ 6.65
Oldtimer Emmanuel Gevers  $ 6.65
Pastorale Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 9.65  
Petite Romance Willy Van Dorsselaer  $ 6.65
Rapsodia Frits Celis $ 13.45
Sicilienne Frans Hanssen  $ 6.65
Sonatina Hans Aerts  $ 18.99
Source de l'Ain Chris Daelemans $ 9.65
Splinters Martin Slootmaekers $ 11.70
Szabadon Erwin Scheltjens  $ 6.65
Trois pièces romantiques Michel Déom  $ 11.99
Twee mei Harald Waldukat  $ 8.45
Vamos J. Dexters $ 6.50





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