Slapstick for Quartet

Harold LLoyd's famous clock scene from Safety First

Full of humor is the deliciously quartet I have the pleasure to acquaint you with today.

And he must indeed have been in a very good mood, when Belgian composer Rik Pelckmans ┬ácomposed his ‘Slapstick’ for clarinet quartet.

Just listen and you will have no problem whatsover to bring to mind all kinds of hilarious silent movie situations: the exaggerated hasty steps, the wildly gesticulating conversations, the slow wide-eyed expressions on faces, the mischievous practical jokes, …

And yes indeed, it does sound good in an arrangement for flute, oboe, clarinet & bass clarinet also. :-)

Find the sheet music for Rik Pelckmans’ ┬áSlapstick for clarinet quartet in the MyPartitor library

Have fun



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