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Clarinet Prices

Clarinet prices can vary widely, from the very cheap used student clarinet to the top of the line professional clarinet new from the manufacturer. When looking at buying a clarinet, you should have some background information before you decide which prices are bargains, and which are not.

When first looking to buy a clarinet, you should be realistic about what type of instrument you need. The clarinet player who is just starting out does not need the same clarinet as a professional uses. If you don’t know what type of clarinet you should buy, try to find a clarinet teacher who can talk you through what you need, and give you an idea of what is available for the prices you are willing to pay. Many parents set out wanting ‘the best’ for their son or daughter, until they are told some of the prices usually paid for top of the line clarinets!

Once you have decided what clarinet you want to buy, it can help to do some research on the internet to see what prices are being charged for different instruments. While not all suppliers are willing to bargain, it can help if you go to them armed with the prices others are willing to sell their clarinets at. The same applies when buying a clarinet second-hand: remember to check what prices the new version of the clarinet are selling for, rather than just assuming you are getting a bargain because the instrument is used.

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