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Tips for the Clarinet Player

Every clarinet player will learn new things about the clarinet over the years that they play. Often these are learned the hard way, or are things the player could have done with knowing earlier. Therefore, we have listed some the best clarinet tips a player should know, to save you the time and effort of figuring them out yourself!

Sometimes when beginning clarinet, players have problems covering the holes on the clarinet properly. Make sure most of the weight of the clarinet is resting on your right thumb. If you still have problems after doing this, check that all the parts on your clarinet are in the right place, and properly aligned.

The clarinet reed should always be moistened before you play. Suck on the reed while you are putting your clarinet together. When putting the reed into the clarinet mouthpiece don’t touch the tip of the reed, as it is very delicate. 

Clean your clarinet after every time you use it! Moisture is the number one enemy of the clarinet. You should also regularly clean your clarinet pads. A good tip is to use cigarette papers – put the paper between the pad and the hole, press down a few times and move the paper around a little until the moisture is absorbed.

These are just a few tips. Ask your teacher and fellow players if they know any more – you might be surprised at the helpful information about caring for and playing your clarinet you get!

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