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Clarinet: Article Database vol. IV

Clarinet Music Articles Vol. IV

The Beginner Clarinet
A beginner clarinet has to fulfill a few different criteria – they have to be able to make a clarinet player sound good early to avoid the beginner giving up, but also have to be priced so that the new clarinetist is not put off by the price.

Brahms Clarinet Music
The Brahms clarinet quintet is one of the most popular pieces of music in the clarinet repertoire, but the connection between Brahms and the clarinet goes well beyond this one piece of music.

The Buffet Crampon Clarinet
The Buffet Crampon clarinet has a long and prestigious history.

How to buy clarinet supplies
Deciding where to buy clarinet supplies can sometimes be difficult, especially for clarinet players who live in remote areas.

Clarinet Barrels
Clarinet barrels are important to the tone and tuning of clarinets.

Steps for clarinet care
Clarinet care is essential to keep your clarinet in working order.

Clarinet Competition
Being part of a clarinet competition, whether a small local event or an international competition, can be an exciting event for any clarinet player.

Clarinet Concertos
Clarinet concertos are some of the most loved pieces of music in the classical repertoire.

Clarinet Duets
Clarinet duets can take many forms, often being either two clarinets, or two clarinets and piano.

Clarinet Reeds
Clarinet reeds are a source of frustration to many clarinet players.

The Clarinet Repertoire
Clarinet repertoire refers to the pieces of music for the clarinet.

Orchestral clarinet solos
Clarinet solos will form most of the repertoire of beginner clarinet students, with literally hundreds of books dedicated to clarinet music for solo player, often with piano accompaniment.

Clarinet supplies
Clarinet supplies are an important consideration when budgeting to buy a clarinet and keep it well maintained.

The Mozart Clarinet Quintet
The Mozart clarinet quintet in A (K.581) is considered by many as the best example of a clarinet quintet.

Music for Clarinet
Music for clarinet is available in almost any musical genre, from classical to jazz, from popular ballads to avant-garde compositions.

Music for the Clarinet
Whether you download sheet music from the internet, or buy a book of pieces to learn, it is easy to find clarinet music at any level of difficulty.

Where can you play clarinet?
While to play clarinet as a solo instrument can be a very enjoyable experience, many clarinet players look forward to joining an ensemble and share their music making with other players.

Playing the clarinet
Playing the clarinet can be a much more enjoyable experience once you have learned the basics of clarinet care and how the clarinet sound is made.

Student clarinet
While a student clarinet may not have as many technical demands made on it as a professional standard clarinet, a student clarinet player has their own needs in a clarinet.

The history of the clarinet
The history of the clarinet can be traced back to the chalumeau, a medieval instrument that was occasionally included in orchestras up to the 17th century.

Used clarinet
A used clarinet can often be as good as buying a clarinet new.

The Vito Clarinet
A Vito clarinet is often a good choice for the student clarinet player.

The Weber Clarinet Concerto
The Weber Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in f minor and Concerto No. 2 in E-flat, like so many other famous pieces of clarinet music, were inspired by one of the great clarinet players of the day.

Who invented the Clarinet?
Who invented the clarinet is not as easy a question to answer as asking who invented another woodwind instrument like the saxophone.

Looking after a wood clarinet
While most clarinets today are made of synthetic materials, a wood clarinet is considered by many to be the best instrument, both in terms of tonal quality and as a beautiful thing to look at.

Woody Allen: clarinet player
Woody Allen: clarinet player is probably not as well known as Woody Allen: director, but both are one and the same. However, it is his clarinet playing that has kept Allen from appearing at the Oscars.

The Yamaha clarinet
The Yamaha clarinet is favored by many clarinet players, from the beginner student to many professionals playing in symphony orchestras today.



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