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Clarinet: Article Database vol. III

Clarinet Music Articles Vol. III

The E flat Clarinet
The baby of the family ...

History of the clarinet from the 19th Century
While composers had already begun to write music for the clarinet, such as Mozart with the Clarinet Concerto and Clarinet Quintet, it was the 19th century that saw an explosion of use of the clarinet in the music of most composers of the day.

Clarinet Facts
Here are some interesting clarinet facts that are sure to have you sounding very knowledgeable at your next practice session.

Clarinet Prices
Clarinet prices can vary widely, from the very cheap used student clarinet to the top of the line professional clarinet new from the manufacturer.

Clarinet Solo
The clarinet solo is a form of music that has seen enormous growth in the 20th century.

The Versatile Clarinet Sound
The clarinet sound has been described in many ways through the ages.

The use of a clarinet stand
A clarinet stand is a useful accessory for many clarinet players.

Differing Clarinet Systems
There are currently three clarinet systems in common use by most clarinet players – Boehm, Oehler and Albert systems.

Choosing a Clarinet Teacher
Choosing a clarinet teacher is an important decision for a player of any level.

Clarinet Technique: how are you going to play?
There are many books about clarinet technique available for the clarinet player who wants to improve their playing or overcome certain problems they have.

Clarinet Tips
Knowing a few clarinet tips can make your clarinet playing easier and more enjoyable.

The search for the sound: clarinet tone
The clarinet tone has been variously described as mellow, vocal, brilliant, throaty and bright.

The Clarinet Trio
The clarinet trio, while not as often performed as clarinet quintets or quartets, has been written by composers since the development of the modern clarinet.

Clarinet Tuning
Clarinet tuning is an important skill to learn for any clarinet player, especially when the time comes to play in an ensemble.

The Classical Clarinet
The classical clarinet repertoire revolves mainly around the works of Mozart, with his pieces such as the Clarinet Quintet in A Major, (K. 581) being one of the greatest pieces of music written in the classical era for any chamber ensemble.

The Contrabass Clarinet
The contrabass clarinet is the giant of the clarinet family - even with the tubing folded back on itself, the instrument can be up to 2.31 metres ( 7 feet) long.

The Copland Clarinet Concerto
The Copland clarinet concerto exists thanks to the famous clarinet player Benny Goodman who commissioned the work.

A favorite through musical history: clarinet
Throughout musical history clarinet has had an important influence on many composers.

How to play the clarinet
Learning how to play the clarinet is a rewarding experience for many students, young and old alike.

Jazz clarinet
Jazz clarinet has a history reaching back to the very beginnings of jazz.

Klezmer clarinet
Klezmer clarinet is a style of clarinet playing that is part of the distinct style of Jewish music known as Klezmer.

Learn to play the clarinet
Choosing to learn to play the clarinet is a popular option with many first time music students.

The metal clarinet
The metal clarinet is now more of an antique curiosity than the instrument of choice for most clarinet players.

The Mozart Clarinet Concerto
The Mozart clarinet concerto in A major (K. 622) is one of the most popular pieces of music for listeners and players alike.

The Artley Clarinet
The Artley clarinet has been the first clarinet for many players for a long time.




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