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Clarinet: Article Database vol. II

Clarinet Music Articles Vol. II

The members of the Clarinet Family
While the B flat clarinet may be well known to many people, the range of members of the clarinet family comes as a surprise to many, including many musicians.

Clarinet Fingering
The two most common forms of clarinet fingering.

Clarinet for Sale
Once you (or your child) have decided to learn the clarinet, there is a good chance you will find yourself having to buy an instrument.

Clarinet History
While it is not necessary to know the history of any instrument you set out to learn, a little knowledge of clarinet history will make your playing experience all the more enjoyable, and give you an appreciation of the pieces you are playing.

Clarinet Information
Often a new student clarinet player will be anxious to learn as much about their new instrument as they can. However, someone who hasn’t been involved in music before might not know where to start looking.

Clarinet Instruction
So you have decided to learn how to play the clarinet – excellent choice. The clarinet is a versatile instrument suited to many different types of music, including jazz, marching band and orchestral.  

Clarinet Jazz: a brief history
For the 20th century history of the clarinet jazz has played a major part.

Clarinet Jokes
Like any musical instrument, the clarinet has its fair share of jokes dedicated to it.

Different styles of clarinet keys
While the clarinet is now available in a pretty much standard form around the world, there are two different versions of the B flat clarinet that are in use today, with the difference being in the clarinet keys.

Your First Clarinet Lesson
Many students are concerned about their first clarinet lesson – what will I have to do? What if I don’t understand what my clarinet teacher is talking about?

Clarinet Lessons: doing the groundwork
While many things can have an impact on the quality of clarinet lessons – the clarinet teacher, the clarinet books or system being used to teach the student, even the room that the lesson is being given in – the most important thing that will impact on a lesson is the preparation done by the student before the lesson.

Clarinet Method: how to learn ?
Clarinet method refers to a system of teaching and learning the clarinet.

Choosing a clarinet mouthpiece
The choice of clarinet mouthpiece can have a huge impact on both the quality of playing, and the type of sound a clarinetist can produce.

Clarinet Music
Whether a student learning the clarinet or just a fan of the sound and character of the instrument, there is a huge range of clarinet music available for learning and enjoyment, ranging from late Baroque/early Classical to modern day jazz.

Clarinet Pads
The clarinet is made up of many parts, some of them quite small. If you have been playing clarinet for some time you will probably realize that these small parts can have a big impact on your playing.

Clarinet Parts
While the members of the clarinet family can look very different, the number of clarinet parts is the same – 5 or 7, depending on if you count the reed and ligature as separate parts or part of the clarinet mouthpiece.

Clarinet Pictures
Clarinet pictures can be a benefit to anyone trying to choose a new clarinet.

Tips for the Clarinet Player
Every clarinet player will learn new things about the clarinet over the years that they play.

Famous Clarinet Players
Many people have been inspired by other clarinet players to start learning the clarinet.

Clarinet Playing
Clarinet playing is not necessarily a difficult art. Though as any clarinet player will tell you, while the clarinet is not necessarily a difficult instrument to play, it is a difficult instrument to play well.

Clarinet Quartet: four equals more
There are no restrictions on which four members of the clarinet family are used – sometimes four B Flat instruments are used, other times the combination is made up of soprano, two B flat and a bass clarinet, and there are also quartets that are made up wholly of bass instruments.

Clarinet Quintet: a chamber music favorite
A clarinet quintet is a musical grouping made up by a clarinet and string quartet.

The Clarinet Range
The highs and lows of the clarinet family

The Clarinet Reed
Making the good vibrations ...

Clarinet Repair
Clarinet repair tips for fixing loose pads.



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